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Success in Sales

Darlene McGIllis is an international business executive working in Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, and the U.S.  She shows people how to create a reliable, stable income in today’s ever challenging economy. Darlene has over 15 years of experience in marketing and advertising for a multi-billion dollar manufacturer. She coaches individuals on how to run an effective business with high profits while having the freedom to determine when and how much they work. Some of Darlene’s key areas of expertise are:

• How to attract customers
• How to coach individuals and teams
• How to focus on success factors and critical business activities
• How to run a solid business that will last a lifetime


Working Her Way Up

WealthmakersPrior to her current career Darlene worked at a high-tech company in Ottawa, Canada when she was laid off.  With a young family at home, she tried beginning a business from home and worked at it for 4 years but made no significant income.   Darlene put her family deeply into debt.  Her life turned around when she started as a representative for a manufacturer of eco-friendly products.  She was able to work from home, cater to her young family’s needs and start to get back on her feet financially.  She enrolled her first 8 customers in 2003, 6 are still buying her products today.  Today she has paid off her debts and has earned an income she could have never attained in her previous career.  What she learned along the way has given her the experience and wisdom to help people all over the world on similar journeys.

It’s About the Product

Darlene feels the strength of her business is based on real people, using real products that they really need.  These products drive her business.  She can show people higher quality, safer, more environmentally friendly products for a better price and feels this is the key to her business success.  Contact Darlene today to find out more about her business and how you can benefit from her coaching and expertise.